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Welcome Care Providers

Caring lay people

Care providers come in all shapes, sizes and ages as humans or animals. Whether we do or don't have titles or degrees, we are all care givers to some one. We may care with words, touch, prayers, gifts, cards, food, specially made handcrafted items, money, rides, home cleaning, smiles and laughter and the list goes on.

When some one is very ill, family and friends can have a powerful impact for good or bad. With "invisible" diseases or conditions it is easy to think there is nothing wrong with some one who has unending pain and a multitude of scary symptoms. One of the most painful things for people with fibromyalgia is having people we love or trust not believe that fibromyalgia is real. Just because there is not a visible cast, stitches or hair loss, it does not mean that somebody is not sick.

Let us all learn how we can have a positive, healing impact in the lives of those who experience fibromyalgia or any other "invisible" disease. With fibro there can be very dark times. Wouldn't you like to be a shining star to pierce that darkness?