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Introducing Elaine Purvey

Thankfully, I have my life back again and now my goal is to help others who suffer from Fibromyalgia!

My Fibromyalgia experience started with a low impact auto accident. Since I live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, I had easy access to lots of positive wonderful medical and Fibromyalgia speciality services (which I am very grateful for). I tried everything I could find but I realized that I was only managing symptoms. I had many symptoms which were basically hell on earth. I found out about a chiropractor from a former patient of his who shared her incredible success story on a Fibromyalgia forum. As I learned more about the doctor (DC) and the new technique he developed, I felt hope! I wanted to get well like the people who shared their stories of healing on the clinics website. I made copies of pages from the website and took them to discuss with my medical doctor. However due to the severity and number of symptoms, my MD contacted my psychiatrist and they agreed that I needed to go into the hospital... immediately... to get stabilized. (Both my MD and psychiatrist were rated as "Top Doctors" by other doctors). I believe that I got the best care and help possible that I could find in MN from medical to nutritional to alternative medicine to counseling. I learned a lot and stabilized some but…new symptoms kept coming.

Then 7 months after my admission to the hospital I finally made it to the chiropractic clinic in CA and started treatment. When I first went to the clinic I was a tired aching crying mess. The doctor and staff were so comforting and encouraging to me. I think I started getting better right away with the first treatment. I started to lose symptoms and gain life and peace again!!!!!!!!! Before I went to CA I wondered if I would ever feel joy or happiness again. (When I got back to MN people wanted to know why I was smiling. I didn't even know I was smiling!)

While I was at the clinic I literally got my life back again. I like to watch Extreme Makeover shows. My doctor gave me an extreme makeover and I am extremely grateful to him. Since I have been home I have continued to improve. When your whole body has been screwed up for so long it really needs a lot of time to heal. I have learned about so many things outside of western medicine that we can do to promote health and healing.

Elaine PurveyNow I have the pleasure of helping and encouraging those with Fibromyalgia. Also I am working with chiropractors to help them to be trained in the techniques that gave me my life back. What is so awesome is these techniques are so effective for many other conditions besides Fibromyalgia!!!

I believe that when you have lemons its a good idea to make lemonade. I tell people that when I had Fibromyalgia I had a whole grove of lemon trees to make lemonade from. Hopefully my stash of lemonade can now help and encourage others.

Elaine Purvey